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NETC Announces Honors Lists for Spring 2013

The faculty and staff of Northeastern Technical College proudly honor more than 100 students for their outstanding academic achievement during the 2013 spring semester.

Students are named to the President's List in recognition of a grade point average of 4.0. Students placed on the Dean's List are recognized for earning a grade point average of 3.5.

2013 Spring President's List


Fredisha V. Bridges
Sherry L. Bundy
Lauren E. Cox
Jarrett C. Davis
Robert A. Johnson
Amanda Kelly
Delisha S. Moore
Antonio D. Pate
Angela E. Rossianno
Timothy D. Townsend
Jane E. Walker
Chelsea V. Wright


Henry M. Adams
Catherine N. Freeman
Daisha J. Freeman
Michael W. Hutson
Kyle G. Smith
Joshua P. Thomas
Kenneth L. Webster
Stacy M. Wright


Seth A. Adams
Michael C. Ahlberg
Carnalla I. Blakeney
Brittany M. Freeman
Mary K. Rivers
Ashli N. Sellers
Joseph A. Walters


Joseph T. Stubbs


Melanie C. Davis


Catherine R. Herrington


Daniel M. Gregory
Elizabeth L. Truett


Carlton T. Pearson


Alicia L. Hawksworth
Alexandra K. McCluney


Joshua G. Coble
Travis W. Grooms
Peggy C. Saner

Mt. Croghan

Tyeda S. Blakeney


Kevin A. Guerrero
Adam C. Hendrix


Elizabeth Dehaai
Brian S. Moore
Jillianne A. Shannon


Natasha N. Austin
Joshua W. Hickman
Tera D. Miller
Larry G. Thomas

Society Hill

Alexis Y. O'Neal


April D. Graham

2013 Spring Dean's List


James J. Baldwin
Amanda L. Blue
Olivia J. Brown
Julie G. Caulder
Jessica T. Clayton
Thomas J. Graham
Cole C. Helton
Dominique Malachi
Anastasia N. Matthews
Kimya R. McQueen
Chelsey D. Odom
William H. Sorrells
Candice R. Stubbs
Christopher E. Stubbs
James E. Stubbs
Elizabeth K. Tyndall
Mary M. Walker
Francis A. Whitfield
Anita M. Williams
Lorenda E. Williams
Staci M. Williams


Andrea R. Gaskins


Dawn R. Peacock


Richard C. Bowles
Virginia M. Branham
Clayton T. Brock
Sabrina D. Campbell
Clayton J. Cannon
Randolph Gordon
Lesley S. Houser
Tara T. Hunt
Nakia L. Johnson
Heather C. Kinsale
Tony D. Lee
Kelvin B. Lewis
Robert T. McCormick
Matthew M. McRae
Caitlin S. Mitchell
Teresa C. Nobles
Jade E. Noel
Corbin S. Norton
Jennifer R. Owens
Kathea P. Pegues
George F. Proctor, Jr.
William C. Sellers
Brenda B. Shaw
Ella M. Smith
Jerry W. Timmons
Matthew D. Williamson


Tyler M. Alley
Debra B. Brock
Nicholas Paul Campbell
Karen Ashley Canipe
Rodney M. Clark
Brittany M. Davis
Donna A. Davis
Joshua K. Dunn
Brenda B. Freeman
Karen W. Gainey
Charles W. Miller
Jennifer L. Ortiz
Michelle A. Richardson
Whitley N. Russell
Kristy L. Sellers
Jerry J. Stafford
Mikayla L. Steen
Brooke M. Treadaway
Seth W. Truesdale
Jessica M. Wtts


Latisha R. Bostic
Frances A. Clark
Naraisa N. Hodge


John S. Elliotte
Christopher B. Myers


Ryan P. Wright


Kristin L. Buchanan
Hannah L. Kirkley


Kody W. Faulkenberry


Christian B. Tiller


Hillary L. Evers
Lori A. Goins
Joshua C. Lockey
John H. Locklear
Jon M. Norton

Mt. Croghan

Susan E. Brown
Aaron T. McCathern


Ashley S. Alexander
Mary B. Burnell
Tammie A. Little
Sydney L. Steen
Matthew C. Ward


Kelsey L. Amerson
Gregory Huggins
James P. O'Neal


Matthew B. Barfield


James D. Chavis


George E. Burch
Jessica L. Hair
Phillip A. Hubbard
Casey G. Moore
Joshua B. Plyler

Society Hill

Sadonia K. Granat
Ashley S. Quick
Linda Zimmerman


Victoria A. Buchanan
Teresa Thomas

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  • Kayla Gibson, Dual Credit Student:

    Taking classes at Northeastern Technical College while in high school has helped prepare me for the College of Charleston by earning credits that I will need for my major. I will be entering the College of... Read More about Kayla

  • Cynthia Hulon, Educational Mentor:

    I received individualized attention from my instructors at Northeastern Technical College when I was going through the business program. NETC's faculty and staff members are very friendly and accommodating, and they really care about their students.... Read More about Cynthia

  • Anissa Keith, NETC Alumna:

    Going to Northeastern Technical College allowed me to work a full-time job, be at home with my child and live in my community. At NETC, you are more than just a number in a classroom. The... Read More about Anissa

  • Jonathan Rivers, Farmer:

    Going to NETC, which is exactly 17 miles from my home, was convenient. I could live at home and go to school, which was a lot more affordable for me than going off to college elsewhere.... Read More about Jonathan

  • Santrice Hailey, NETC Alumna:

    Northeastern Technical College was my pathway to a better life. NETC was directly involved in getting me where I am today and having the job that I am so passionate about.... Read More about Santrice

  • Tony Knight, Printer of T-Riffic Promotions:

    NETC was my pathway to a broad range of knowledge that has allowed me to pursue my dream of owning my own business. NETC is a great starting point for people who are undecided about their... Read More about Tony

  • Trevor Gilchrist, Former Dual Credit Student:

    Being a part of the Dual Enrollment program at NETC allowed me to not only graduate in four years from college, but also see the world. By gaining a head start in my college career through... Read More about Trevor

  • Hester Ellerbe, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor:

    Life is a journey, and NETC was my starting point on my pathway to a rewarding career in social work. NETC can be a starting point for many who are ready to start pushing for an... Read More about Hester

  • Larry McNeil, Chief of Police:

    The education I received at Northeastern Technical College was my pathway to a fulfilling, exciting and successful career in law enforcement. Had I not started at NETC, I would never have achieved my position as chief.... Read More about Larry

  • Alanda LeGrand, Cosmetology instructor:

    I tell my students all the time that they need to pursue an associate degree and not just rely on the cosmetology certificate. A two-year degree can be their pathway to another job if they do... Read More about Alanda

  • Chad Hood of Lineman:

    If you live in Chesterfield, Marlboro or Dillon counties and you're having a hard time finding work, there's no reason not to start you­r education at Northeastern Technical College.... Read More about Chad

  • Caroline Sylvia, Former Dual Credit Student:

    I am thankful for the opportunity I had to take dual credit classes at NETC. Not only did they help me prepare for college level course work and scheduling, the college credits I earned at NETC... Read More about Caroline

  • Frank Ponce, Movie Director:

    I have a passion to create. I'm not just doing this because of the money, the fame or power. It is truly my passion. I am an artist, and I will always create to make people... Read More about Frank

  • Jarrett Davis, Electronics student:

    By enrolling in the Industrial Electronics program at NETC, I am pursuing the dream I’ve had for a long time of becoming an electrician. Going to school at NETC and learning these advanced skills has been... Read More about Jarrett

  • Emily Williams, NETC Alumna:

    I knew I wanted to study law, and Northeastern Technical College offered the pathway to becoming a legal office assistant. The smaller classes and the support services offered by NETC really met my needs and allowed... Read More about Emily

  • Josh Thomas, INA Apprentice:

    NETC is my pathway to a college degree and a better life. It has helped me define my career plans and pursue a job in machine tool technology where I can use my problem solving skills.... Read More about Josh

  • Tommy Pegues, Registered Nurse:

    Northeastern Technical College was close to home and my job, and it was affordable. It was my starting place. With this nursing degree from NETC, I can branch out and go anywhere.... Read More about Tommy

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