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NETC graduates encouraged to Make Their Mark

With college degrees, diplomas, and certificates at hand, Northeastern Technical College graduates were urged to find their way and make their mark during the college's annual ceremony held May 12.

SC House Representative, Patricia Henegan was the keynote speaker for ceremony.

"In this chapter of your life, no matter how difficult it may be you must define what it means to yourself to make your mark," said Henegan.

Henegan shared stories with the graduates and audience of NETC alumni who had overcome the odds in order to reach their educational goal and make their mark in their lives and in the community.

"In the next chapter of your life obstacles will become more challenging, but you must find a way. When others put their fears and failures upon you and tell you that you can't do something, prove them wrong by proving creation right," said Henegan. "Find your way. We all have moments in life that we might not be proud of, but don't let those past decisions in life hold you back. Find your way."

The following is a list of local NETC graduates who were recognized and awarded degrees, certificates, or diplomas on May 12. The list is sorted by student's hometown, last name and lists the if a degree or certification(s) was received in the area of study. Special honors are denoted by the following characters after graduate name: * denotes a honor graduate; ~ denotes a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society; and # denotes a member of the National Technical Honor Society.

Zorriyah Bethea (Allied Health Certificate), Jada Bingham (Allied Health Certificate), Tyreek Blair (Allied Health Certificate), Maddison Booth (AA/AS), Katelyn Branch (AA/AS), Dayvon Bridges (AAS Business), Samantha Bryant (Allied Health Certificate), Tyquia Burnett * (Criminal Justice Certificate), Michaela Cain (University Studies Certificate), John E. Koonce Carroll * (Industrial Technology Certificate), MacKaylan E. Chavis * (AA/AS), Tyler Clark (ADN), Rochelle Coit * (Allied Health Certificate), Sarah Crowley (Allied Health Certificate), Jaycee Cummings (AA/AS), Renee Cunningham (University Studies Certificate), Tony L. Dewitt (AAS Early Childhood), Sharona Ford (Allied Health Certificate), Ke'asia Hailey * (Allied Health Certificate), Yazmine Hardwick * (Business Certificate), Kimberly Faith Hicks (AA/AS), Jarrod Hodges * (AAS Business), Brittany V. Hunter * (AAS Business), Jaliya Mone' Jacobs (Allied Health Certificate), Diane Jones (Allied Health Certificate), Abigail Marie Locklear ~ * (ADN), Daniel McNiel * (Industrial Technology Certificate), Andrea Evelyn McRae * (Early Childhood Certificate), Fantasja T. McRae (Allied Health Certificate), Madison Brooke Parker * (AA/AS), Makayla Lynn Polson (ADN), Hailey B. Preston * (AA/AS), Jessica Purvis (Criminal Justice Certificate), Tiffany M. Quick * (AAS Early Childhood), Marsha A. Quick # (AAS Business), Jotoya B. Samuel (Allied Health Certificate), Michael Sessoms (University Studies Certificate), Shannon D. Shuler (ADN), Thomas Smith * (University Studies Certificate), Jhamari Talley (University Studies Certificate), Melissa Tipton (Allied Health Certificate), Donnica Whitefield (Allied Health Certificate), Staci M. Williams * (AAS Criminal Justice), Iesha Q. York (ADN), Kaniya C. York * (AA/AS), and Pamela Youngfellow (Allied Health Certificate).

Kaleigh Danielle Thompson ~ (AA/AS).

Cherilyn Baldwin * (Allied Health Certificate), Jasmine Q. Benson (Allied Health Certificate), Kyla Wagner Blair * (Early Childhood Certificate), Catina G. Bridges (Allied Health Certificate), Jennifer Brock (Allied Health Certificate), Ashunti Viola Marie Burns (Criminal Justice Certificate), Brittany Covington (Allied Health Certificate), Dustin J. Davis * (Industrial Technology Certificate), Qu'shariya Q. Decessard (AAS Criminal Justice), Tequila Douglas (AAS Business), Takeshia M. Ellerbe (Allied Health Certificate), Jasmine Ellison (Allied Health Certificate), Kelley Floyd (AAS Early Childhood), Ahlai Ford (AA/AS), Joanna Leigh Gentry * (AA/AS), McKenzie Alexis Grice (ADN), Brandis Plyler Hall * (AAS Business), Wayne Henderson * (AAS Industrial Technology), Alyssa Lauren Hyatt (ADN), George Johnson (AAS Criminal Justice), Krista Little (Allied Health Certificate), Latasia S. McQueen (Allied Health Certificate), Christopher Melton (Industrial Technology Certificate), Yoko Miller (Allied Health Certificate), D'Quona Keshell Moore (ADN), Kaitlyn Mae Morton * (Criminal Justice Certificate), Marideth Kelly Robertson (AA/AS), Dominique Roland (AA/AS), Lavonia M. Stacks (AAS Business), Grace E. Willoughby * (Allied Health Certificate), Earl Xavier * (Allied Health Certificate), and Carmen Yancey * (AA/AS).

Cassidy Blanchard ~ (AA/AS), Mechelle Cranford (Allied Health Certificate), Christina England (Allied Health Certificate), Caroline Gaddy * (University Studies Certificate), Courtney Gainey (AA/AS), Abigail Victoria Gulledge * (Criminal Justice Certificate), Ashley H. Hatchell (ADN), Hailey Alissa King (AAS Business), J. Tyler King ~ (ADN), Ariana E. McFadden (Business Certificate), Jannessa A. Morton (AA/AS), Ruanisha Ratliff (Allied Health Certificate), Chanteria C. Scott (AAS Computer Technology), Christian Wallace (AA/AS), and Alexi White (Allied Health Certificate).

Malcolm Fuller * (Industrial Technology Certificate).

Cynthia Byrd (Allied Health Certificate), Kimberly M. McElroy (Allied Health Certificate), Dana N. Johnson-Mcravin (Allied Health Certificate), and Kameshia Williamson (ADN).

Ta'Kia B. Bethea (Allied Health Certificate), Teresa Bethea * (Allied Health Certificate), Katisha Casey (AA/AS), Amber T. Huggins (Allied Health Certificate), Aundrea N. Hunt (Allied Health Certificate), Demetris Johnson (Allied Health Certificate), Kris Lampley (Early Childhood Certificate), Lemeca Lidge (Allied Health Certificate), Shaqaza Manning (Allied Health Certificate), Sinaayah A. Mathis (AA/AS), Kelly J. Monahan * (AAS Computer Technology), Luvenia Roberts (Early Childhood Certificate), Rachel Simms * (Criminal Justice Certificate), Mo'nazia Z. Sowells * (AA/AS), Shalonda D. Stroman * (Allied Health Certificate), Latoya Tyson (Allied Health Certificate), Sierra O. Tyson * (Allied Health Certificate), Blannie Warren (Allied Health Certificate), and Khristian Washington (Allied Health Certificate).

Zion T. Brown (Unniversity Studies Certificate), Baker Cason (AA/AS), Brandy Edge * (Allied Health Certificate), Torrencia Deondara Rose * (AA/AS), and Bernice Thomas (Allied Health Certificate).

Zan'Dasia Asharia McNeil * (AA/AS).

Jazlyn Causey * (Allied Health Certificate), Anqwalik Dudley (Allied Health Certificate), Kaley N.Moore (AAS Business), Lashawnda Latrice Purnell (ADN), Ajana Tyson (Allied Health Certificate), Deajah Tyson (Allied Health Certificate), and Caroline Williams * (AA/AS).

Kayla Combs (Allied Health Certificate), Jennifer M. Frazier (Allied Health Certificate), Lindsay C. Hopkins (Allied Health Certificate), Taylor Jackson * (AA/AS), Emily Madisyn Simmons * (AA/AS), Chase Steen * (Industrial Technology Certificate), and Rivers Smith # (AAS Industrial Technology).

John Cowart (AAS Computer Technology), and Cameron Jenkins (AA/AS).

Anaija Shakir Bethea (AA/AS), Troy Bryant * (Industrial Technology Certificate), Camryn S. Church * (Allied Health Certificate), Jody Rebecca Cox * (University Studies Certificate), Alia P. Hursey * (AA/AS), Tunisha McCray (Allied Health Certificate), Kalia Bowman (Allied Health Certificate), and Adreana K. Perez (Allied Health Certificate).

Joy Ebony Berry (AA/AS), Kaylena Burgess (Allied Health Certificate), Clarrissa Drawhorn (Allied Health Certificate), Brittany Shanice Fore (Business Certificate), Jasmine Hall (Allied Health Certificate), Shalanda Cooper-Howard (Allied Health Certificate), Kelly Norton (Allied Health Certificate), Shawn Daniel Norton * (AAS Industrial Technology), and Melissa Thompson (Allied Health Certificate).

Summer Bennett (Allied Health Certificate).

Martha McLean (Allied Health Certificate).

Jalisa Curry (Allied Health Certificate), and Chriseon Smith (Allied Health Certificate).

William L. Camp (AAS Business), Kimberly T. Faile (ADN), and Kaitlyn L. Yarbrough (Allied Health Certificate).

Alexia Clark * (Allied Health Certificate), Courtney Freeman * (Criminal Justice Certificate), Heather Caitlin Limbacher (ADN), Ronald McCall (Allied Health Certificate), Nakeia McCoy * (Allied Health Certificate), Angela McLaughlin * (Allied Health Certificate), Anna Norton (ADN), Raenah A. Pate ~ (ADN), and Aislyn Evajeane' Pegues * (AA/AS).

Madison Gaipo (Allied Health Certificate).

Alexis Coleman (Allied Health Certificate).

Latina Austin (Allied Health Certificate), Nathan R. Brooks * (Industrial Technology Certificate), Kiara L. Chambers (AAS Early Childhood), Jadee Dean * (Allied Health Certificate), Gavin Eubanks * (Industrial Technology Certificate), Nina M. Hamilton * (Allied Health Certificate), Kylee Mathis * (Allied Health Certificate), Cekiera McManus (Allied Health Certificate), Sarah H. McManus (ADN), Aleah Hope Nicholson (ADN), Tekesha Rivers (AAS Business), Kelli J. Rollings (AA/AS), Mandrel Rorie (Allied Health Certificate), and Hailey M. Vaughn (Allied Health Certificate).

Christian Stone Brigman * (AA/AS), Aidan Geissler (Allied Health Certificate), Kaitlyn R. Johnson * (AA/AS), William Patterson (Allied Health Certificate), and Rebecca D. Teal * (Allied Health Certificate).

Kristen Honeycutt (Allied Health Certificate), Carly Gulledge Morgan (ADN), Joshua Rogers * (Allied Health Certificate), and Michael Sutton (AA/AS).

Roger Oxendine, Jr. * (AAS Business), and Danielle Brown (Allied Health Certificate).

Katie Q. Burbes (Allied Health Certificate).

Caitlin Brown Cox (ADN), Cameron Polston # (AAS Business), Jaibone Simon (Criminal Justice Certificate), and Shaniya A. Williams * (Criminal Justice Certificate).

Students who are interested in starting their college adventure with NETC, can call 800-921-7399 or visit our enrollment centers located at campuses in Pageland, Cheraw, Bennettsville, and Dillon. Northeastern Technical College's Fall semester begins on August 15. Information about programs and how to apply can also be found at

To view photos of NETC's 2022 graduation ceremonies visit the Northeastern Technical College photo albums on Facebook at

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